By Kartik Mahajan 

I first heard Nishant Mudgal about two and a half years ago. His music and style came across as uncomplicated and focused on making something sound good rather than sound fancy or catchy. Sure, catchy is great and you can hum it when in the shower. But when it’s the kind of track that you want to turn on and listen to in its original non-shower worthy form… that’s when there is definitely more to a piece than what meets the ear.

Nishant grew up in Delhi, in a household full of classical musicians, which included his grand-parents. Music seemed to come more than naturally to him, and he started out as a drummer. Today, he says he is playing drums, tabla, any kind of percussion, flute, harmonica and keyboard – all self taught! Early exposure to everything ranging from The Beatles, to whatever would ever play on Doordarshan helped. To top it off, Nishant is also a visual artist with a degree in animation, and a beatboxer. Yes, this fellow’s quite talented!

The song featured this week is called Brush and it is great fun to listen to. It has an unusual and slightly deceptive beginning, which kind of eases you into the track. The track, composed when he was still in college, with two band mates in their band ‘Until,’ is more poetry than anything else {according to Nishant}. He says he resurrected the track not too long ago in his own new way, which is the version you are getting to listen to. It has a tune that weaves a light set of keys all the way up to an almost oriental sounding few seconds in between. The fact that he likes listening to some traditional Asian music probably has a part to play here. It’s an interesting listen, with varied styles throughout the track. It certainly has quite a few unique moments and if you like pop music, this is likely to catch your ear. Tell us what you think!

Find Nishant Mudgal’s blog here.

Check him out on Soundcloud here, on Reverbnation here and Facebook here.