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On the Right Track | Dysania by Drum Attic

Kartik posted on 12 December

Once in a while, you come across a newer producer who is young and doing what he is doing simply because he enjoys it. He isn’t out to give the biggest DJs a run for their money and beyond a point, all he really cares about is getting you on the floor so he can throw sounds at you without a care in the world. Meet Drum Attic a.k.a Siddharth Mehra. He is half of an act called Motion Noir who have had some pretty fun gigs around town over the years. Drum Attic has performed as an act for about two years now and the gigs are laced with dark tunes in the midst of groovy melodies that will remind you of the good ol’ days. His understanding of music also comes as a result of actually having studied music production. Listening to him play can often be interesting because you’re likely to assume he is much older than he actually is, based on the sense of maturity that his sets often reflect. Some of the artists he names as inspirations are incredibly talented – totally non mainstream producers and DJs. Adam Beyer and Chris Liebing, for example, have inspired him tremendously. He wants to bring real underground music to, and help promote it, as a culture in India.

The track featured today is called Dysania. Intended to be a bit more ‘tuney’ or ‘flow-ey’ {who said made up words aren’t real?!}, it’s a track Drum Attic himself is quite proud of. Listening to the track, you will know exactly where the moniker ‘Drum Attic’ comes from. He has always been fascinated with drum sounds and that’s what led to him producing his own techno. All his tracks have drum sounds intricately woven into the melodies and he says that he often spends weeks on just the drum sounds. Dysania… check it out and keep an eye and ear open for Drum Attic’s next performance.

For more information, have a look at his Facebook page.