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On the Right Track | Get Away by The Incredible Mindfunk

Kartik posted on 12 February

By Kartik Mahajan

Seems like it's all undone

Will no one see today?

Keeps fading, Keeps fading… away

I know… great lines aren't they? The spectacular voice behind them belongs to Amira Gill of a band called The Incredible Mindfunk. From what I am told, she is the sanity of the band personified, and if it were't for her helping them keep their shit together, they would be sitting in someone's father's old shed, arguing about whether twigs are better guitar picks than old nail clippings. That having been said {or legs having been pulled, depending on how you look at it}, they are incredibly fun to listen to. The Incredible Mindfunk is Amira Gill as vocals, Siddhant Agarwal on the guitar, Amar Pandey on the bass and Ranajoy Das on the drums. Their debut album, 'Absolutely Essential', came out in June 2013 and I have given it a pretty long listen over the last few weeks. No, not because I am wondering what on earth The Incredible Mindfunk means; I have genuinely enjoyed a couple of the tracks on the album.

The track I particularly enjoyed is called 'Get Away', and I suspect I won't be alone when I say I think it's one of the best on the album. The guitar line is groovy and super catchy, and Amira manages to make the track sound so awesomely old school that you just want to listen to it over and over again. The funk undertones are very prominent and I hope that they continue toying with sounds like they are right now. It's working well, and funk based or inspired music that makes you sit up is hard to come by. Keep an eye out for a gig of theirs… well worth it.

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