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On the Right Track | The Party Girl by Mojojojo

Kartik posted on 21 November

By Kartik Mahajan

Mojojojo is a monkey with a pet DJ. Thanks to his association with the monkey, the DJ too has come to be known as MojoJojo. His parents though, still prefer to call him Akshay Johar, so fortunately his identity crisis hasn't hit 'severe' levels just yet. You may also recognise him as a member of bands like the upcoming Gravy Train, and the already pretty awesome Barefaced Liar. Yup, this is about the right moment to go 'oh ya him! He's awesome'. Akshay Johar has been playing bass for 8 years now, and the Mojojojo project owes a lot to those roots. Bass heavy music, he says, simply connects with him effortlessly and that is the story behind Mojojojo. This self described 'evil simian genius' is certainly an act to watch out for.

Featured today is a Mojojojo track called 'The Party Girl,' which you really should listen to loud! Inspiration comes from, well, gold diggers actually. I'm going to leave it to you to figure out what your definition of that is, but he says they are all over the city these days, and this track draws from their constant quest for hedonism. Best of luck Mojojojo, lots of people smirked and silently agreed with the inspiration! Right?

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