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On the Right Track | Sleepwalking by Hanita Bhambri

Kartik posted on 20th March

There is so much talent out there, it is overwhelming. It’s also very confusing. Why should someone with such unhinged emotion and beautiful lyrical skill not have a bigger platform. It makes you question the motives and the competence of some of the new labels and musicians out there who can’t stop talking about how ‘Indie is it man… Indie is the new cool bro’. Let them live in that world, while the rest of us continue to pretend we don’t see soft drink logos trying to ride the wave, or Energy Drink logos on busses. Sure it’s great and sure it’s exciting, but I see nothing indie and I see barely any new artists or undiscovered talent getting any love. Enter Hanita Bhambri. Her music was recommended by someone to Suchita {she’s the black in your little black book, in case you’re wondering}, who then told me about her.  This is indie. Whole hearted, minus the logos, sans the fancy producers and certainly minus the abundance of music technology and resources.

The calm and uncomplicated sound of just a pretty voice and an acoustic guitar is often magical. Paco de Lucia, who unfortunately came back to mind recently after the news of his passing broke, is a perfect example. Hanita Bhambri’s Sleepwalking is one of those tracks that evokes the same kind of gentle smile when you listen to it. Now please keep in mind that Hanita is not signed to some big label that is giving her millions to spend on studio time, or to hire the technicians that often make the music you listen to sound like it was made in a factory. This track is straight up, pure, from the heart, and you’ll be able to tell that no one has spent hours in front of a computer tinkering with the sound, which just adds to the beauty of it. There is something quite Sara Bareilles about her voice and her vibe, and Sleepwalking fits in right there. Give it a listen and tell us what you think!

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