River Rafting in Rishikesh: Here's What You Should Know

What is it?

Mercury Himalayan Explorations, the company to go to for top-notch adventure sports. Hit them up for white water rafting when you’re in Rishikesh {as well as skiing and snowboarding etc}. They’lll make sure you have a thrilling ride while keeping you safe.

Who is it for?

Adventure aficionados, adrenaline junkies and anyone looking to try an adventure sport. Their operations are great, and safety measures are taken every step of the way, not to worry.

What is unique about it?

Navigate the daunting waters of the river with the help of their {extremely} qualified instructors. You’ll learn the basics of rafting and be told the nuances of the sport. You can expect to travel around 17kms from the point you start, although you can choose how much you’d want to cover.

What gear do I need?

They provide you with wetsuits and life jackets that you can change into at the starting point. All you really need to carry is water suitable footwear. We’re recommending a pair of floaters.

How do I participate?

Get in touch with them here, check availability and book one of their many packages. For the moment, all beach camps have been prohibited; we recommend the Bulls Retreat packages.

When can I go?

Rafting season starts in October and goes on all the way till April, so you can pick which month works best for you.


The rapids have entertaining names such as Cash Flow, Gold Course and Roller Coaster. The instructors also carry waterproof bags so you can carry your cellphone/camera to take pictures!

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