Your Room Will Look Like A Cafe With Pinklay’s Home Decor Stuff


Stitched, sewn and created from scratch by hundreds of artisans, Pinklay believes in fair trade practises and a life full of colour. So, if you need to perk up your house, their rugs, cushions, bed covers and co. are literally all you need. The fairy lights for the finishing touch are on you.

Dull Days Be History

We like that each of the 400 products celebrate prints but without being over-the-top kitschy. Their poppy cushions, for instance are just what we want to hold on to on a rainy day – they’re cuddly, poppy and so adorable. Don’t like burrowing in cushions? You’ll still like to sleep cosy and their dohars. Some of them are reminiscent of the typical Jaipuri razais while others are white and floral so both pastel-loving and drama-loving peeps are covered.  

Calm as a melody and upbeat as the sunshine, we’re spoiled for choice at Pinklay {we hear it’s a combination of the words pink and clay}. While looking at their table mats and napkins, we’re constantly distracted by the trippy totes and when we think we’ve seen enough, we can’t help but stop by Pinklay's plush toys.

So, We're Saying...

We’d give you a peek into our shopping bag but we’d like you to make independent choices. So, go forth and conquer.

P.S. Browsing through their expansive sale section is a must because even if you aren’t looking at a big investment, you might find tealights, lanterns, coasters and other tidbits for a steal.