By Rupali Lamba

We finally made it to the ever so elusive Rosang, which was originally located in Safdarjung Enclave, then Hauz Khas Village, and has now found a home in Green Park Extension Market. A warm and intimate space, Rosang {apparently} is the only north-eastern restaurant in the world that serves food from all eight north eastern states.

Rosang is run pretty much ‘home-style’ by Mary, front of house, and her husband, who is in {complete} command of the kitchen. The cosy space features 4 tables, black ceramic tableware, and an interesting collection of photographs and artifacts on the walls, featuring life in the eastern parts of the country. The vibe is that of a local eatery in another city, like something you experience while travelling.

We were REALLY hungry by the time we got a table {Mary encourages home delivery, as that way you do not have to wait more than expected for your meal}, so we ordered appetizers that were fried – the Pork Spare Ribs and Chicken Dry Fry. The Ribs – so that we could compare Rosang to all the other establishments that offer similar cuisine {Rosang came out on top}, and Chicken Dry Fry because it’s fried chicken baby!

The starters were followed by a Combo meal, which 2 people can eat comfortably. The non-veg combo consisted of a lovely Pork Curry, Aloo Taama – Potato and Bamboo Shoot from Sikkim, Masoor Dal, famous Wild Red Rice, Iromba, a vegetable and fish paste chutney from Manipur, and Jatilau and Bengena Khaar {brinjal and potato fry} from Assam. Every single dish was fresh and fragrant {in a good way}. I thoroughly enjoyed all the profiles and mixing different items. We also ordered a Pork Nuoshi, which was extremely fiery but fabulous. The pork cuts were better than they are at Rosang’s counterparts. The best part of the meal, however, was the Sohchiar – a chicken gravy rice with fried onions, from Mizoram, which is supposedly a snack, but provides all the comfort one needs when ill/hungover or simply ravenous.

Our satisfying culinary journey ended with some Wild Rice Tea that is accompanied by jaggery and a lemon wedge {when you squeeze the lemon into the tea, it changes colour}, Wild Rice Kheer, and an informative conversation with Mary. All of the above left us appreciative and fulfilled.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Rosang is a must-visit for those who are stuck in a food rut. Do not miss the Sohchiar, which is an indulgent and sinful chicken or pork khichdi of sorts. Check with them about the availability of space and simply order in if there isn’t any.

Where: S20 Green Park Extension Market, Green Park

Contact: 011 33036773

Price: INR 850 for two {approx.}