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Run Like The Flash With These Running Essentials For Men

Aditya posted on 08 July

While a proper gym regime is hard to maintain, it doesn’t take much to take a few rounds in your nearest park. Running is something everyone can do {and we all know the benefits}, so we’ve done the choosing for you. Here is a list of running essentials you need to get on your feet and make your way to healthy-town.

Nike Free Rn Grey Running Shoes

Probably the most important on the list, this one doesn’t only help with comfort, but also lets you get the most out of your daily jog. These shoes aren’t just perfect for any foot type, but also offer better traction and less stress on the foot muscles {plus they look hella fly!}.

Where: Find it online here

Price: INR 5,397

N + INDIA Adjustable Armband

We love our smartphones and our music devices {who doesn’t?}; having an adjustable media band with them really helps in keeping the device secure while you sprint back and forth. The armband comes in various sizes {custom sized to your device} and is also available in a variety of colours and fits.

Where: Find it online here

Price: INR 299

Adidas COOL365 Polyester Training T-shirt

If you’re gonna run, you’re gonna sweat, and this training t-shirt is your solution for it. Equipped with the Climacool technology, it deals with heat and moisture and keeps you ventilated. Not only is it functional, but stylish, too.

Where: Find it online here

Price: INR 1,349

Reebok Men’s Synthetic Tights

These tights are fitted in a way to aid your leg muscles in those long runs. Using a breathable and stretchy fabric mix, the synthetic tights compliment movement and keep your muscles in check. These come in neutral shades and also camo prints, so take your pick.

Where: Find this online here

Price: INR 1,979

Adidas Run Shorts

A good pair of running shorts should have breathable and light fabric, a perfect inseam length for good movement, and should also look good, and this one checks all the boxes.

Where: Find it online here

Price: INR 974

RRUNN Handheld Running Bottle

An important rule while running is to always keep yourself hydrated. Sweating takes the water and minerals out of your body, and having a handy bottle with your favourite sports drink or electrolyte water always helps.

Where: Find it online here

Price: INR 250

Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker

Having an activity tracker strapped to your hand can take your daily run to a whole new level. Important for those who like to keep a track of their heart rate, distance covered and more, the device can be your trainer on the go.

Where: Find it online here

Price: INR 8,399 upwards