These Boozy Milkshakes Are Perfect For That Summer Buzz

    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi


    Music & Mountains {previously, Sakley’s} has our hearts for their heart-warming winter cocktails and selection of milkshakes loaded with alcohol and home-made syrups. What?!

    Shake It Up

    We love ourselves the occasional Baileys iced coffee but never really thought of mixing alcohol with milk beyond this obvious mix. Lucky for us, Music & Mountains did. They’ve come up with six winning combination which include Bourbon with chocolate, vanilla vodka with cherry syrup, tequila with strawberry preserve and Irish whisky with salted caramel. There’s also a strawberry and tequila concoction.

    All of these come chilled in a tall glass with a scoop of ice cream. And needless to say, they’re all super delicious {though we’re partial to the Midnight’s Summer Dream}. You might be tempted to try them all, but one is pretty filling TBH.

    Anything Else?

    They’re also serving a great variety of beers and creating cocktails with healthy juices {cucumber juice with tequila, anyone?} Pairing your drink with a portion of Chorizo Sliders or Sriracha Chicken Wings goes without saying.

    Hop in here for a fun boozy evening one of these days.

      Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi