Photographers Ahoy! Click Like A Pro With Samsung Galaxy A9’s Innovative Features

Shruti posted on 31 December

Find yourself drooling over those perfect Instagram pictures taken on the green hills, rowing in the lake or amidst the bustling city? These themes might sound common, but we know our hearts tug at these picturesque beauties. So if you wanna create your own enviable gallery effortlessly, say hey to Samsung’s latest Galaxy A9, with the world’s first Quad camera. And it’s not just us who’re saying that, read on to know how this smartphone has become a rage with Instagram bloggers too!

Zooming Into Details

Capture the wild in all their glory, the tender dew drops on a flower, closeups of a magnificent clock tower or facial portraits, with utmost clarity. No matter how far away you’re from the subject, the 10-megapixel telephoto sensor with 2x Optical Zoom will let you click the intricacies of the subject, despite the zoom in. Hear it from the photographer Zaid Salman, “a little bit of macro experiment and some great details using the Telephoto mode with the #Worlds1stQuadCam on #GalaxyA9”. Mind if we say that this one looks stunning?

Partying Through The Night?

Got partying plans all night? Don’t let low light be a hurdle in capturing an amazing click. Open up A9’s Low Light feature for capturing crisp, dazzling pictures amidst those fairy lit nights or the dusky skies in the evening. For a glimpse into the magic that this feature can weave, check out the acclaimed travel blogger, Wanderingkamya’s picture on her trip to Pai, Thailand. “I was able to capture this low-light picture in the middle of the street with the #GalaxyA9”, she says, going on to describe the peaceful nature of the town.

When Out & About In Nature...

Want to click different hues of the sky or the pinks and greens of trees against the blue skies—keep them real and natural in your pictures with Galaxy A9’s Scene Optimizer. Take a cue from this dreamy picture clicked by noted fashion stylist, Cherry Jain, in Switzerland. In her words, she was “thrilled to see the results... Captured what I exactly saw in front of my eyes.” If this is what you would want too, use the phone’s SO for capturing colours exactly how they look like IRL. The camera’s so intelligent that it automatically detects the subject in the frame and chooses between 19 different modes to enhance the picture, helping you win more hearts and likes.

All That Eyes Can See

When the scenes are so pretty that a normal landscape or portrait just doesn’t justify, use the Ultra Wide Lens to capture everything that your eyes can see for interesting perspectives. Take for instance this ultra wide image of a Kashmiri autumn day clicked by travel photographer, Aamir Wani. See the difference a new angle could make? Get your awesome click too now, without a need to take a step back struggling for that complete picture (you know what we mean!) Whether you’re in a jungle, in a hay field, on a cruise or amidst the ruins of an architectural marvel, click the natural expanse with this wide angle 120-degree viewing lens.

Model’s Too Good To Be True?

When the subject’s so cute like this adorable husky clicked by the model, Barkha Singh, you gotta put all the attention in the world towards them. It’s so aww-dorable and she mentions in the caption, “With the Live focus feature on the @Samsungindia #GalaxyA9, I could blur the background so I could draw all the attention to this cutie.” Get your lovely pictures such as this with A9’s Live Focus feature. You too can make others gape at the closed-up beauty like never before with vivid and vibrant compositions.

So, We’re Saying…

Exploring new places in your city or traveling the world far and wide, it’s the pictures that you capture for eternal memories and reliving precious moments. So make them worth their while with Samsung Galaxy A9’s quadcamera and open up a world of new perspectives.