Ten-Second Takeaway

With an easy-breezy diner feel, Sandburg Shakes makes for a tempting pit-stop with its selection of creamy shakes.

Shake It Up, Baby

Photo source: Sandburg shakes

Photo source: Sandburg shakes

May the cream-less, soy options of the liquid world step aside for a second; sometimes we need a good old-fashioned creamy milkshake to feel like all’s right with the world. Sandburg Shakes has a menu that covers dates, peanut butter, chikoo, chocolate, bananas and even betel in their tall glassfuls of frothy milkshakes that includes Banana Dates, Betel Blast, Choc-haze-nut and Blackcurrant Lift, among others.

Dining At The Diner

True to diner style, the menu offers pizzas, burgers and ‘breadwiches’ along with a good old side of chips. We recommend the Sandhouse Burger – it has a chicken breast patty, pickled cucumber, bacon, egg, cheese, caramelised onion and a spicy sauce. Whew.

Side dishes, that are definitely not sidekicks, include potato wedges, nuggets and the Chilli & Cheese toast. Past the bright red-painted window frames at the entrance, Sandburg feels laid-back, but homely enough to have visitors to Baani Square drop in.

Featured photo source: Sandburg Shakes