Take The Metro To This Super Savings Store In Kalkaji

Urvee posted on 29th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Savemax, under the Kalkaji metro station, is a dream come true if you’re looking to buy groceries, clothes, stationery supplies, home decor, or bath essentials on a budget.

Everything Under The Sun

As soon as you enter the store, grab one of their massive trolleys and set off. You’ll see a whole lot of clothing {cheap jackets, anyone?} an aisle full of Surf and Ariel, stainless steel kitchen utensils and plastic crockery, a section dedicated to papad, another aisle full of plastic flowerpots, and a section for bath products — including almost the entire Biotique range.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Metro Stationery

What got us most excited though, was the stationery section. Though not extensive, you can get very cute notebooks {including sets of three for INR 150}, crayons, oil pastels, pretty files and folders, lots of children’s books, pen holders, and a lot more.

So, We're Saying

Don’t go here expecting anything fancy, but bookmark this when you need to do your grocery shopping for the month, or for kitchen and garden supplies. On a bill of INR 1,700, we saved about INR 250. Not bad, eh?


Parking is free for Savemax customers, if you’re driving there.

More Information


Lotus Temple Road, Below Kalkaji Mandir Metro Station, Kalkaji, New Delhi

  • Nearest Metro Station : KALKAJI MANDIR