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Say Namaste To Workplace Wellness: Fit Girl India Shows You How

Abhijeet posted on 3rd February

As I look around in our office, I can see everybody slouching in their seats continuing the good work, barring one health-conscious colleague who sits bouncing on a Swiss/yoga ball. This small act of rebellion is enough to joust our interest in workplace wellness.

We teamed up with Ayesha Billimoria; an all India track and field sprinter, marathon runner and captain of the adidas runners community in Mumbai {you may know her Instagram handle; Fit Girl India}, to show us the art of functional movements at the workplace.


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A video posted by Ayesha Billimoria (@fitgirl.india) on Jan 1, 2017 at 3:13am PST

Ok, we agree, it’s a tad bit silly to suddenly start running in office, but if you’re serious about your health and do not get the chance to jog in the morning, you may have to start with on-the-spot running.


This one’s pretty straight forward and won’t draw much attention as you stretch your neck to either side. Can be easily executed; both while standing and sitting.


That big client brief is taking more time than you thought and you have been stuck in one posture since morning? Well, try twisting while sitting in your chair.


This exercise is pretty easy, will not draw attention and will leave your calf muscles in shape. Seems like a good thing to start your work day with.


Who knew packing abs could be fun and easy? Well, sort of easy, anyway, but still a lot of fun. As you slouch in your chairs, just join your legs and lift them up to your chest and repeat. You can do a set off 10 sitting crunches, three times a day. Now, we do not promise 6 packs at the end of the week, but this will lay a foundation on which you can build.

We hope Ayesha inspired you to take workplace wellness seriously, and if you want to check out more amazing workplace routines, click here.

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