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#SayItWithALoveNote: Express Your Feelings with Handwritten Notes This Love Note Day

Shilpi posted on 25 September

Sending texts, replying with funny GIFs or just talking via emoticons might be new age and fun, but you gotta admit, there’s something about opening a handwritten note, reading a cutely penned, unexpected message - we know that it has the power to make your bae feel beyond special, feel LOVED! Be it a good morning note with a doodled smiley next to his/her pillow or a little note in the lunch box, these little pieces of paper are sure to become enduring memories. So, here we are nudging you to take this small step this Love Note Day with Platinum Days of Love and pen your feelings for your loved one with the least expected gesture.

Little Things Matter

Couples these days lead a busy life in their career, which leaves them with very little time for each other. How does one keep things going strong in that case?  It’s really about using small gestures to tell each other time and again that what you share is rare. So, take out a moment to write down something you’ve been wanting to tell them for a long time but haven’t been able to find the right moment. Take a step back from the daily chores and work (that email can wait) and take a moment to express your love! This Love Note Day, stop waiting for the right moment and do the right thing! 

It's about the magic of small love notes, the unexpected ways in which you can express your love, show your appreciation for the unique & rare things about each other that matter so much but often miss out on it. 

Platinum Days of Love – Platinum Love Bands #Sayitwithalovenote has put together a few cutesy little love notes to help you and all of us to rekindle the rare romance and express our love in a sweet and memorable way. 

So We’re Saying...

Believe in the power of this little gesture, hit register and say how you feel with a cutesy little LOVE NOTE, and doodle your way to their heart! Share your #RareLove story here