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    Score Jewellery For INR 399 On This Website Every Wednesday

    Maanya posted on 25 April


    Keep your credit cards ready – jewellery website Loco Latte marks down two stunning pieces to the low, low cost of INR 399 every Wednesday.

    What’s The Deal?

    Loco Latte’s in the business of curation – handpicked pieces of jewellery that are currently on-trend and super stylish find their way to the website. Perfect for a quick fashion fix, these pieces aren’t super expensive either, but wait till you hear this.

    Every Wednesday, two stunning pieces from their collection go on sale for just INR 399. While you might not find something you love every single time, you’re bound to get lucky more often than not.

    On Other Days…

    There’s so much to choose from! Whether you’re looking for an understated pair of earrings for work or a statement necklace to jazz up your LBD, Loco Latte is a good place to start looking. Check out these Dagger Drop earrings that feature on Loco Latte’s list of best-sellers – maybe they’ll even make it to the Wednesday edit. Ditto this Rive Gauche pair.

    If you’re still obsessed with rose-gold-everything, add this snowflake pendant to your collection.

    So, We’re Saying…

    We’re loco about the jewellery on this website and will be waiting for Wednesday eagerly. That is all.

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