Get All This Pretty Stationery, Jewellery & More Inspired By The Northeast


    NEst by Arpit Agarwal is a lifestyle brand that’s all about taking images and tell-tale symbols from the Northeastern states and using them on collectibles like diaries, coasters, accessories and more. While the brand’s based out of Guwahati, they sell through various stores across the country (People Tree in Delhi) and through their FB and Instagram.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The brand marries the culture of the Northeast with utility products in the best way possible. Whether it’s Naga beads on cutlery, loom weavers on diaries, bhut jolokia on tote bags, rhino coasters or tea estates or pineapple sellers of Meghalaya on journals, it’s an insight into the rich culture and everyday life of the eight states of the Northeast—all of which have a distinct character.

    The designs are striking and, even though they’re kitschy, it’s the kind of kitsch that lets us hoard a little bit of those beautiful states in our heart and life. Their latest collection of jewellery is utterly gorgeous, and their colourful diaries are a close second. 

    What Could Be Better

    We wish they had an exclusive store in the city. Another one of our grouses is that, once their collections run out, you’ll have to wait for them to be added back to the stock, and the wait can be painfully long. Also, their jewellery (18 carat gold-plated) typically takes 20 days to reach your doorstep.


    These products make for great gifts (whether or not your friend/fam is northeastern and homesick).