Stuck Climbing The Corporate Ladder? This Book Will Help Bring Out Your A-Game

Vaishnavi posted on 11 October


Good books hold a great power over us, especially the self-help genre. If you are an employee looking for motivation to deal with corporate politics and hardship, this satirical read by Rishi Pipariya is for you. 

Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat?

Do you fall under the hardworking professional category? Have you always managed to impress your bosses and yet stalled behind corporate losers? We’ve found just the right book for you to change your office strategy. Job Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya talks about all corporate problems in the most realistic way possible (nothing sugar-coated) and has a satirical approach to those problems. Piparaiya himself has spent over 15 years climbing the corporate ladder and has first-hand experiences to share. This book will take you through various facets of the corporate world and tell you how to either deal or tackle every workplace situation. Right from how to behave at an office party to relationship management, all your small-big things are pretty much covered. 
Job Be Damned is basically the kick in the backside that any average employee needs.  This book consists of all ingredients that will craft you into a different employee while others are stressing over appraisals and other petty issues. This 20-chapter read will teach you how not to be just an average employee. 

So, We’re Saying…

This book is both motivating and entertaining in its own unique way and must be on your bucket list. Browse through similar books on HarperCollins. Follow HarperCollins India on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and stay up-to-date when it comes to new releases.