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Selfish Much? | Take the LBB and Monkey Bar Share Quotient Quiz!

Editors posted on 2nd March

By Editors

We all fancy ourselves as rather generous. But every one of us twitches {even if it’s ever so slightly} when someone causally swipes the last fry from our plate; the one crispy, crunchy one you were saving for the last bite of the burger with the chunkiest piece of meat. Speaking of which, there should totally be a code of conduct for anyone taking a bite out of another’s burger – stay clear of the side the juiciest part of the patty has settled in!

LBB and Monkey Bar are sending a little shared food for thought your way. How selfish are we really? Are we selfish at all, or do we just take liberties with people we’re close to?

In the spirit of sharing where we’re coming from {hey, we can call a spade a spade!}, LBB and Monkey Bar challenge you to take the Selfish Much Quiz – a lighthearted reality check {hold on to those moral lectures now!} on what your share quotient is.

What does one do with this reality check? Share for the WIN!

In the spirit of bringing friends and family together, to share a meal without ruffling any feathers, Monkey Bar presents the mobox. Big enough, with enough of everything for 2 or 4 people, the box leaves room for two of you to bring it down to the last 2 fries, so everyone goes home happy. Simply put, the mobox is a 'crate' way to get sharing portions of goodies that match your mood, or your appetite; pick from the starter mobox, the mega mobox, the dessert mobox, or just go straight for the DIY cocktail mobox!

What do you have to do?

Fill in the form below {mandatory}, and tell us where you’d rate yourself on a scale of one to ten on your share quotient.

Take the quiz, and see how well you assessed yourself!

Share the quiz with people you’d like to break bread {or some divine Paneer Makhani Wantons and Chicken Chimichurri } with, and every week, 3 lucky winners will win a #mobox at Monkey Bar in CP or Vasant Kunj!

The contest is now closed. Go ahead and take the quiz for fun anyway!