Ten-Second Takeaway

So we’re almost done with the first three months of 2017 – which means one of two things; you’ve either done a really good job of keeping up with your fitness goals, or are struggling to find the motivation to begin. Either way, this one’s for you.

So, where should you start? Arjun Saraswat, a marathon runner, with his adidas shoes on point, is giving us recommendations on what gear to keep handy if you’re {still} looking to get fit{ter}

Wearable Heart Rate Monitor


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A normal heartbeat ranges from 50 to 70 beats per minute, and for athletes, the range drops down to 35 to 50 BPM. So, pair up your heart rate monitor belt with a compatible device and get instant feedback to keep a check on your heart.

Running Shoes


As Arjun puts it, “From increasing brainpower to reducing stress and even preventing cancer, running is one exercise that does it all.’  So how does Arjun ready himself for a run? He suggests putting on Pure Boost ZG prime shoes, designed especially for men by adidas, for a more planted feel to the ground, and boost midsole for additional comfort.

Training Mat


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Yoga, like running, is the one exercise you can pretty much “carry with you” wherever you go. Warm up with 21 vinyasas, stretch yourself out with a Surya Namaskar, and cool off with deep breathing once you’re done. Arjun recommends buying an adidas indoor training mat for superior grip and comfort, as poorly constructed mats can cause injuries.



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Delhi is one thing for sure; it is a cycling-friendly city. And Arjun recommends you make sweat while the sun shines on our captial with the the B’Twin Original 7 Grey. This badass bike comes with a telescopic fork and full suspension frame for a comfortable ride through roads and city paths.

Portable Music Device


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Music is the best partner-in-exercise you can have. It not only helps you focus, but also elevates the mood and builds endurance. Arjun steps out for his daily routine with a ‘Fit Playlist’ on his iPod Shuffle, leaving the distractions of the world behind.

Fitness Tracker


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There is no set way to be fit. So, you could lift weights, do cross fit, yoga, jog or pick up a sport – a smart watch is a great way to track performance and improvement. From counting steps to calories, a smart watch makes it easier to achieve an active life.

Decide what fitness tracker suits you best here.

Water Sipper


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“Hydration is the single most important thing to get right!” So, whether you’re doing a yoga routine or running, Arjun suggests keeping an adidas water sipper with you at all times. Although there are other drinks that provide hydration to the body, they may add extra calories; so stick to water, and just keep moving.