Ten Second Takeaway

Osama Jalali’s Old Delhi recipes make their next stop at Le Meridien in Gurgaon, until 20th September.

Lost Recipes of India

A renowned cook and food critic, Osama Jalali has fought the valiant fight {along with his super-talented mum} to keep alive the old recipes of not just Old Delhi, but also to preserve recipes and secrets from dynasties and kitchens across India. Lost Recipes of India also runs as a Facebook page, which invites members to share and recreate some fantastic, albeit forgotten, food that make up India’s rich history, quite literally.

Shahjahanabad comes to Gurgaon

Jalali’s travelling genius has popped up at a few locations in the past. This time, he narrows in on food from only Dilli 6 {as opposed to various precints of the Mughal gharanas which are surprisingly not as monolithic as one might think}. His father was a doctor in Old Delhi, where he treated many local masterchefs who, in gratitude, brought him their tastiest dishes. So when Osama and his mum say they know authentic, they mean authentic.

What’s on the menu?

All the dishes we’ve come to be so familiar with, thanks to the more casual establishments dedicated to purani Dilli ka khana that we happen to frequent. So the names may not seem as exotic – there is nihari and saag gosht and most kababs that we know and love – but they’re made with Mrs. Senior Jalali and Osama at the helm, keeping it somehow light enough to tuck into dessert as well. We’d take a good phirni any time.

When: Until September 20th

Where: Latest Recipe at Le Meridien, MG Road, Gurgaon

Nearest Metro: Guru Dronacharya

For more information: Call 0124 4992008

Prices: Set menu at INR 1,650 + taxes per person.