By Namrata Juneja

A little known fact about the winding streets of Shahpur Jat is the presence of a host of culinary gems, all tucked away and all looking to bring a new piece of the world to this chaotic part of town. It’s got Greek, Bengali, Italian, and now it’s got Ratima ushering in a dessert cafe, that’s part a Parisian cafe and part old-school San Francisco ice-cream parlor! It’s called Non Pareil Patisserie, and we’re betting it’s going to climb right to the top of places to visit in Shahpur Jat.

The food is regulation cafe offerings, ranging from sandwiches {both hot and cold} and salads, to of course, not-to-be-missed dessert options. What we love is that all the dishes on their menu are healthier versions of classic dishes – the Carbonara, for instance, retains all the flavour yet leaves you feeling light and comfortable.

The owner, Ratima, is also a certified dessert chef who specialises in novelty cakes, and is constantly whipping up creations to entice her customers’ taste buds. The quaint patisserie is a blend of pastels on the inside, with splashes of colour here and there. The fabric, furniture and art all comply with the overall Parisian feel that the eatery lends to the area. A visit here will turn your entire day around, we promise.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Non Pareil Patisserie is Shahpur Jat’s latest addition to its growing host of international cuisines. Part Parisian cafe and part San Franciscan ice-cream parlour, its happy pastel interiors make for a feast for the eyes, while the desserts and sandwiches areĀ for satiating your palate. We recommend their ‘Farmers Market’ sandwich, which you can wash down with one of their well-brewed coffees.

Where: 419, Ground Floor, Shahpur Jat

Price for two: INR 700 {approx.}

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