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Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone About This Super-Secret Rooftop Party

Kasturi posted on 04 May

What Is It?

We’ve come to know through the grapevine that The Secret Rooftop Party is in town, and it’s going to be this super exclusive and very secretive {of course} party that we're dying to be a part of.

The guest list is limited to 200 people and its completely first come first served. So we recommend you book those tix and fast! If you’re wondering why and how this party is a secret, then here’s the answer: The location and time will be told you to via text by the team only!

Who Is It For?

If you like your beer and want to have a smashing time partying it up in the capital, we would suggest you get on that guest list now.

Why Should I Go For It?

The tickets price includes a couple of Budweisers and you’ll receive coupons at the door, which you can claim at the bar. You’ll also find yourself a complimentary shot at the bar.

We hear that there will be two gigs —a live band and a DJ set. We’re still snooping around to find more news about who’s showing up to make you rock and roll.

Anything Else?

If you get yourself an OLA Prime, there’s a 30 per cent off to and from. You’ll get the discount code prior to the party and is exclusive for the partygoers.


Here’s what we know—the secret rooftop is in the heart of Delhi, and the tickets are non-refundable. You also have to download the app to buy and flash the tix at the door, here and here.

When: May 6

Where: TBA

Nearest Metro Station: NA

Timings: 8pm onwards

Contact: +91 9818716500

Follow their Facebook page here.

Featured image courtesy: Pixabay