Die-t Another Day: Blogger Shilpa Arora Opts For Moderation As Her Fitness Mantra For 2018

Lipton posted on 07 February


Corp communication professional on weekdays and a blogger on weekends, Delhi based Shilpa Arora, writes about her experiences with fashion, travel and food on her blog – Chic Life Byte. If you want to know how to manage your fitness resolutions of 2018, start clicking on the link and following her.

Feed Your Cravings

Atkins, GM, juice cleanses and crash diets like these may work in the short term with extreme weight loss, but they leave you with cravings that are hard to resist. Shilpa found the best solution for this – moderation. She does not deprive herself of anything. Because, at the end of the day, portions matter. If you are in the mood for fries, go for it. When you deny the urge to eat something, it grows, and then you cave in and eat more than you would have otherwise. Shilpa finds it best to not resist any food and adjusts portion sizes to eat better.

The Right Reasons

Inspired by the lithe Shilpa Shetty Kundra our blogger lives an active life. She works out to keep her stamina up and keeps herself on her feet most of the time.

Hydration Is LIT

Thirsty or sluggish? Shilpa understands the importance of keeping herself hydrated throughout the day. Because of a chaotic lifestyle all thanks to her work as a blogger, she has to constantly keep her energy up. Sometimes consuming water is not enough, and that is why she has incorporated Lipton Ice Tea into her diet. Small sips throughout the day keep her refreshed, and the low sugar and no fizz aspect make it a guilt-free indulgence.

New Year, New You?

Sticking to fitness resolutions is a tough task, we know that! But fitness inspiration from influencers like Shilpa Arora keeps us going. Because we know that the struggle is real, but you’re ready to hustle to a better, healthier life! Follow Shilpa’s journey on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay motivated and inspired!