Ditch The Usual: Here Are 9 Places For Men To Buy Shirts That Aren't Zara

Tushar posted on 20 February

There’s a lot of burnout when it comes to buying shirts for men. Multiple trips to the Zaras and H&Ms of the world get really boring, really quickly. Same old, same old? Not anymore. Here are 9 brands guys can check out to score awesome shirts.

Bombay Shirt Company

Checks, prints, formals, denims, linens—Bombay Shirt Company has a loaded arsenal when it comes to stylish shirts for men. They even do customised shirts, where you can choose from 300+ fabrics, get the perfect fit, and go about strutting your stuff.

They’ve got a home-visit feature as well, where their master tailor literally comes to your house, gives you fabrics to choose from, takes all the required measurements, and the shirt gets delivered to your doorstep. Not enough? They’ve got a store in Meherchand, too, if you’d like to raid it with your shopping bags.

Clothing Stores

115, Meharchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

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Not in the mood to buy a run-of-the-mill shirt you’re only gonna wear twice and forget about? Bareek does exclusive handwoven shirts in designer prints and styles like checks, stripes with cool things like Nehru collars, Oxford collars and more. Moreover, they source all their fabric from weavers, so you’re indirectly giving back to the weaving community when you buy your clothes from here (+1 for your conscience).


Bhaane has been one of our favourite brands when it comes to men’s shirt needs. They create comfortable, designer shirts for men for all kinds of occasions. Be it your weekend party scene or a family get-together, you’ll find the perfect fit right here.


Scoring a designer print or a particular style is easy when it comes to buying shirts, but you know what’s hard? Getting a plain, white shirt that fits perfectly. Well, what do you know, Harryz is a shop in Ansal Plaza which only does white shirts—all styles and sizes you can think of.

And the age old oh-damn-I-spilled-something-on-my-white-shirt problem? Harryz takes care of that by using teflon in their shirts (the one your car’s coated with), so they stay white for longer than your usual buys.

Clothing Stores

Ansal Plaza, BG-09, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi

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Nicobar’s collection of designer shirts is the kind of stuff you wouldn’t mind filling your closet with. While they only have a limited number of designs and styles (exclusivity by choice?), everything under their label is something you can blindly pick and show off at your next sundowner.

Clothing Stores

The Chanakya Mall, 2nd Floor, Unit 215, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

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Kardo’s minimalist collection with subtle, contemporary twists is what dreamy shirts are made of. They’ve got a collection full of plains, prints, denims, and a whole lot more. Kardo’s whole idea is the literal opposite of mass production—they create every piece using hand-woven fabrics, which are hand-cut and sewn by a single tailor from start to finish. The tags on the shirts even highlight the names of the tailors involved in creating that piece (talk about details).

Clothing Stores

Jungi House, 2nd Floor, 5-G, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi

Naushad Ali

Tagged with the coolest names like ‘Mr. Nice Guy’, ‘ The Game Changer’, ‘The Passenger’ and many more, Naushad Ali’s shirts will catch your eye from a mile away. Made with quality fabrics in bold colours and styles, you can be sure that you’ll be standing out at your sunny Sunday brunch scenes.

Prime Porter

These guys do some really good designs when it comes to checks, stripes, and prints. Their shirts are super-versatile – something you can wear to work on a Friday then head out to the bar, no change needed. We absolutely love their airplanes print shirt!

The Jodi Life

These guys have already impressed the girls with their sundresses and flowy silhouettes—and now, they've come out with a collection for men as well. It has a selection of printed shirts with prints close to nature like bougainvilleas, cherry blossoms, starflowers and more. You'll even find fun animal prints!