Shoes, Cigarettes & Cars: A Breakdown of the Delhi Budget

On Monday, the Aam Aadmi Party government announced a ‘tax-free’ budget. Luckily for us, NDTV got the scoop, and laid out a neat cheat sheet. Check it out here.

Basically, the government will introduce a VAT structure that ideally, will bring down prices {always a win} of shoes, snacks, hybrid cars and clothes. Other major pointers include:

They’ve brought down the VAT on hybrid cars from 12.5 per cent to five per cent

The government will install lights in 82,000 unlit spots across the city

Drinking water will be provided everywhere, including unauthorised colonies

CCTV’s will be installed in every school

A rationalised VAT system to be implemented on all tobacco products, including cigarettes

For more highlights, read NDTV’s article here.