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This White Dress Is The Best Of Both Worlds: Festive and Casual!

    With the festivities right around the corner, I like to dress up in breathable and comfortable ethnic wear that also reflects my personality. I like clothes that I can wear through out the day without the hassle of changing again and again. During Navratri, I like to wear clothes that I can wear to my day shoots and meetings and then to a nice party or pooja in the evening. Who said festivities only means bright and loud colours? Think: subtle colours, minimal but on-point accessorising and tied up hair! Pure bliss, right? Recently, I found this stunning white dress on LBB, all from homegrown, indie brands and I've been wearing it in multiple ways, multiple times.

    White Cotton Dress

    Minimal Mulmul Cotton Dress

    Minimal Mulmul Cotton Dress

    ₹ 1750

    In a 100% cotton, super soft material, this flow-y white dress from Fancy Pastels was an easy choice for me. It's lightweight but non-transparent, the ruffled sleeves make it look really chic and the colourful tassels? I'm obsessed! I wore it with colourful, statement earrings made by Amama. I can wear this dress for my interviews in the evening and then go to my friend's Navratri party in the evening. 

    P.S.- It's available in sizes up till XL, so if you've not been working on that beach bod, no stress!

    Burgundy Bow Mules

    Burgundy Bow Mule Flats

    Burgundy Bow Mule Flats

    ₹ 1250

    For a put-together look, I chose these burgundy mules from Shoe That Fits You and TBH, I'm hooked! They complement the dress really well, fit super comfortably and the cutesy bow? I absolutely love it. You need to be in comfortable footwear right to dance the night away?