We beg to differ with the weather man. It’s most definitely not spring, this is full blown summer. And that means, retiring the denim, tight pants and any fabric remotely thicker than a strand of hair. And we found it.

Kinche, the online store, recently released a stunning sumer line, complete with apparel and light linens, to at least try and keep you cool. The linen ranges from duvet covers, pillow covers and quilts to soft cotton blankets. We’re obsessed with the light hand embroidered cotton duvet covers, think pure whites with lemon thread motifs, or a summery green and yellow paisley design. The fact that they’re shot on what looks like an uber comfortable bed only helps its cause. As for prints, the linen and cotton king size quilt is a good place to start. For what to wear to be able to sink into your brand new cotton comforter, Kinche’s line of linen pajamas are a grade apart. Available in a range of prints, colours and sizes, very few things make summer look good. This line is one of them.

Where: Shop online, here.

Price: Starts at INR 1950 for the Pajamas, and INR 3700 for the linen