#ShopTheRoom: Add Maximal Function and Spunk To Your Minimal Square Feet Room!


The living spaces are constantly becoming smaller, especially if you are living in a metro. That means, more and more stuff you add into your home, needs to not only look great, but also have a functional use. So, our #shoptheroom series with pepperfry aims to solve this problem of space and function, bringing together a living room that is everyone’s envy! 

A Comfy Place To Crash

A sofa is the heart and soul of the living room. Pepperfry’s Luana Storage Sofa Cum Bed is the perfect addition. It acts as a sofa cum bed and is the perfect crashing spot for those friends who stay over after parties. The extra storage space is definitely the icing on the cake! This sofa is the perfect blend between functionality and aesthetics. Go to Pepperfry and get this Sofa Cum Bed now! 

Add a Sense of Balance

In a room that has a myriad of colors going on, it’s important to add a level of balance and stability. Pepperfry’s Bohemiana Dhurrie is the perfect addition, bringing with it a sense of calm with its simple and abstract patterns.

Extra Storage Space? Yes Please!

Whenever anyone looks to set up a room, the first thing they look for is if there is enough storage space. The living room is no exception. It is the room where family photographs go, books are kept along with special mementos. Pepperfry brings to you Paloma Solid Wood Sideboard which has 5 storage compartments- 2 door compartments and three drawers to keep all important books and accessories that need to be within arm’s reach.

A TV Unit Set Leaving You Wanting for Nothing More

When we set up our living room or bedroom, one of the first things we buy is entertainment in the form of a TV where we can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, listen to Spotify and so much more. Along with a TV, we need extra storage space to keep manuals, HDMI cords, guidebook and what not. Pepperfry brings to you its Multifunctional TV Unit Set which is a savior in itself not to mention it adds a pop of colour to the room with the yellow and white. Head over to Pepperfry.com right now!

A Sweet Spot Only for you!

Sundays are religiously meant for lounging. Pepperfry brings to you Back Wing Chair, a perfect spot for all your curling sessions with the TV or book and while away your Sunday. This grandfather single sofa ensures that you’ve found your happy place in the room and its sturdy straight back ensures you never face spinal cord issues! Visit Pepperfry.com now! 

Brighten Up the Ambience with A Soft Glow

Those harsh bright lights just never seem to work for us, do they? A soft warm glow, on the other hand, makes us feel instantly relaxed. The Bohemiana Tripod Lamp by Pepperfry strikes the perfect balance between a harshly bright and soft warm glow. It gives enough light without being extra. Not to mention, the entire look and feel of the lamp makes the room feel like it’s the setting of a vintage photoshoot. 

A Coffee Table with Compartments? Dream Come True!

When we think of coffee tables, we always think of a table with a single slide of glass beneath to keep magazines and coffee table books, basic but functional. Pepperfry is here to take that concept one level above. Its Yemon Coffee in White Finish is a modern yet minimalistic coffee table that already comes with its own compartment ensuring that all your books and magazines are in one place. Not to mention the white finish gives it a pristine look and matches with the Luana Storage Sofa Cum Bed, freeing you of all the worries of wondering if the aesthetics are in sync. 

Side Tables That are Multipurposeful!

Have you ever been to a party where you have your drink in your hand and are too far away from the coffee table to put it down so you hold it in your hand only? Well, no more! Pepperfry brings to you Side Tables, that come in a set of three, which are so funky and quirky that it’s love at first sight! Not to mention, all three can be put together avoiding taking up space and making the room less filled up. Mind Blowing right? 

Spruce Up The Room With Some Funky Vibe!

What’s better than one Dhurrie? Well, it’s two, of course! The Grey Colour Tufted Runner by Pepperfry is a rug that you didn’t know you needed. With its abstract patterns, it adds that funky yet classy vibe to the room and blends into any aesthetic. The Bohemian vibe it gives off only makes the room more ‘chilled out’ and comfortable for anyone who visits. Head to Pepperfry.com now!

So, We’re Saying..

Add personality to your living room and make it THE room to be since it’s where everyone hangs out! #ShopTheRoom with pepperfry.com and get a living room that is maximum in functionality and minimum in size!