Eat Smart, Stay Fit: Here Are Food Blogger Shubhneet Jain's Favourite Food Pairings & Fitness Tips

Lipton posted on 13 February

Say Hi!

If you think being a vegetarian foodie is tough, you haven’t followed the super-talented blogger Shubhneet Jain yet. With amazing recommendations and a curated feed with drool-worthy images, get on his Instagram feed to starting craving yummy vegetarian food now.

To A Healthier 2018!

Right from delicious street food to fine-dining, Shubhneet has managed to capture all of them, and his feed is a curation of hidden gems we are missing out on. Like him, if you are in love with food and end up having a little too many cheat days, you can still get back on track with his secret mantra. So, no more guilt pangs as you relish your food, while taking baby steps to a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Meeting The Goal

Shubhneet’s goal-oriented approach is inspiring, since his work involves food blogging and sampling a wide array of dishes. According to him, the trick is to become a smart eater! With short and quick methods, including more morning strolls, staying hydrated, choosing the elevator over the stairs and indulging in more organic meals – he’s ready to make 2018 his year of being fit. Despite his overwhelming love for momos {which we can’t help but identify with!}, he pairs the spice attack with a sweet dose of Lipton Iced Tea! Made with real tea leaves and containing low sugar levels, this bottle of freshness leaves him feeling rejuvenated and happy, and helps him avoid the sugary, carbonated alternatives that leave you bloated and uncomfortable. So, why not join the fit bandwagon now? Grab your Lipton Iced Tea, available in lemon and peach flavours, and eat and enjoy your favourite dishes with no compromises on your fitness goals.

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