Get Authentic Sikkimese Teas, Pickles, Postcards & More With Love From Instant Sikkimi


Instant Sikkimi is a store based out of Sikkim from where you can order authentic, local products from to your doorstep. 

Great For

Dalle (traditional chilli pickle), infused nettle tea and pretty diaries.

What Makes it Awesome

If you're feeling homesick or just have a fondness for products from Sikkim, this sweet store has a variety of products that you can pick up from The Sikkim House, Dilli Haat—or, just call them and give them your address, because they're sweet enough to courier the products you want over to you. All their stuff is handmade, and crafted by locals.

Coming to their stuff—they've got prayer flags, badges, Dalle (a traditional, spicy pickle), a special nettle tea infused with lemongrass (which has medicinal properties), and more. You can order postcards, mugs and handmade diaries from them too, they have some real pretty ones perfect for stationery hoarders. They also have badges, cloth tote bags, (much better for the environment), mugs with cute illustrations on them (we love the one with the Yak) and they're planning on doing something with textiles too, so keep a lookout for scarves and shawls.

What Could Be Better

We wish they had a website so we could see what's available and what's not.


It's best to see their products online and call or text Tenzing. He's super-helpful and will courier the products to you.