The Six Types of Dates to Go on in Delhi, Depending on Your Mood

Bhavika posted on 30 March

Ten-Second Takeaway

For those situations where you and your SO want to do something together, but have run out of ideas, we bring you this tried, tested, and now recommended list of fun date ideas. We’ve got plans for you up our sleeves, regardless of the mood you’re in.

The Happy-Feet Date

For when you have a ton of energy, let loose and shake off all the weekday nerves! And what better way to do that than by dancing your heart out? Another move is to grab your date and drag them to a dance class. They may be apprehensive initially, but it will be fun, we promise.

#LBBPicks: We love our Hip-Hop Nights at Summer House Café and all nights at Moonshine. For social-dance classes, check out Salsa India and Ballrumours.

The Nerdy Date

It’s been a while since the two of you have done something bordering on nerdy, and you feel like showing off your smarts. Go to a bookstore, and help pick a book for each other. You’ll know just how much they know you, and whether they actually did read the book they claimed was better than the movie. And just in case bookstores aren’t your thing, there are a few spots that host trivia nights- hit them up for a spot of mental stimulation.

#LBBPicksFull Circle and Bahrisons for their old-school vibes; Trivia nights at Cocktail & Dreams, Speakeasy; Game Night at Ctrl.Shift.Esc

The Couch-Potato Date:

If the two of you are feeling lazy and want to create the illusion of doing something without actually moving yourself more than a few inches, look no further than your classic movie night date, either at home or at a laid-back spot in the city. Mindlessly staring at the screen, munching on popcorn, lounging in trackpants. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

#LBBPicks: Our couch of course, but also The Hippie Trail in Hauz Khas Village for their cosy movie screenings.

The Adventurous-Outdoorsy Date

It’s been a long day at work, and existential questions like “Was I meant to spend my life in front of a desk?” are beginning to pop into your head. We’ve been there, thought that, and we find that the solution is to do something spontaneous and unexpected.

Surprise your date with a sudden, romantic drive and cruise the wide open roads of Delhi, followed by a picnic.

#LBBPicks: Lodi Garden and Nehru Park for their wide, picnic-friendly spaces. Take your dog along too!

The Hungry Date

AKA every other date, this one might possibly be our favourite. Gone are the days when people in relationships would pretend to be aliens who survived on salads. Why be coy? Food is always good, and even better with company, so pig out! And we’ve heard that couples who get fatter together, stay together..or something to that effect.

#LBBPicks: Stall hopping at Dilli Haat

The Anti-Date

Perhaps you aren’t too sure if you are, in fact, going on a date. Maybe you’d rather not adult and dress-up. Either way, when in doubt, it’s best to go for things which are downright friendly and definite ice-breakers such as crazy roller-coaster rides. We also find that sing-offs at karaoke nights, though they seem silly at first, will always lead to a good time.

Plus, if you feel like your date isn’t quite {ahem} ready for your singing, change the challenge to who sings the worst.

#LBBPicks: Simulator roller-coaster ride at Smaaash. {Bonus: You design your own roller-coaster here. How cool is that?} and karaoke nights at Raasta and Turquoise Cottage.