There’s nothing like flawless, creamy and glowing skin. With an entire industry dedicated to it, we’re certain we’re not alone in our thought. Come summer, we know how important it is to be able to take care of our skin, dodge the weather, sun damage, grime and dirt.

So, we’re going to focus on giving you what you want. Ladies! We’re hosting a Saturday Special for your Skin, with Skin Alive, a leading dermatology clinic in the Capital. Head by ace dermatologist, Chirajeev Chhabra, {who has been awarded the best Skin Expert in India, by Vogue, and was also recently  honored as the entrepreneur of the year at India Health and Wellness Summit} Skin Alive focusses on skin treatments {botox, peels, polishes, dark circle treatment, toning, lighting, contouring} laser hair removals and hair loss treatment, using innovative techniques, and cutting edge technology.

What can you expect you ask? A day of facials, skin quick-fixes and general rejuvenation! Skin Alive is offering 30 readers the chance to win a complimentary treatment, worth INR 3000, after which you can knock yourself out with tea, coffee and dessert {unless it makes you break out}.

As for what treatments you can choose from, find out below.

Skin Circulation Therapy: A treatment to help improve blood circulation, remove sluggishness thereby improving complexion. It also assists in treating blemishes, acne scars, dark circles and patchiness.

Diamond Skin Polishing: The skin is polished with soft diamonds, fixed on tips. Useful in removing dead cells, tanning, softening wrinkles, scars and enhancing overall complexion.

Rejuvenating Orange Ozone Therapy: Orange ozone light is used to sterilize and rejuvenate the skin, and also improve skin texture and scars. Super helpful for acne and acne marks.

Oxy Infusion: High pressure oxygen is supplied to the face, so as to invigorate cellular components, resulting in reduction of impurities. The O2 energizes the skin, assists in skin rejuvenation, and gives you rejuvenated skin, a youthful radiance and a fresh, healthy glow.

All you need to do, is sign up:

Entries are now closed! Wait up for the next one.

When: 25th April, Saturday

Time: 10am-6pm {You’ll be able to choose a slot of your liking}

Where: Skin Alive, Meherchand Market {close to Lodhi Market/Habitat Centre}