Oh, to those people that lament about the lack of things to do in Delhi, take note. Enrico Fabian, the mind behind Slacklife Delhi {today known as Slacktivism}, gets fellow slackliners together in Delhi, mostly on Sundays.

For the uninitiated, slacklining is similar in construction and practise to tightrope walking – a ‘line’ is tensioned between two rigid points, which could be two trees or poles. The difference between tightrope walking and slacklining is that a slackline, usually¬†made of nylon or polyester,¬†is more dynamic and buoyant. And we’ll have you know, it ain’t easy. Focus and balance are of paramount importance, and finding your stability takes a little while. If you love a challenge though, this definitely figures in that category.

Unlike tight-rope walking, slacklining allows for connection of the line at any height, so if you’re subject to vertigo, no reason to worry. Its distance from the ground is up to you. Once you get the hang of it, we can confirm that it’s a great way to enjoy the plethora of parks in our city!

The best part is that it’s a completely inclusive activity – for any age, background and profession. In fact, a part of the founder’s endeavour is to take the slackline to schools and institutions for kids from underprivileged backgrounds, and encourage them to gain confidence and stability through the sport.

Now whether you want to find balance {literally or metaphorically}, are looking for a new challenge, or are just interested in meeting new people, we suggest you take to the line!

To learn/practice slacklining, join the Slacktivism group here.