Make The Most Of A Small Balcony In These 4 Ways

Houzz posted on 21 May

As is with most of us, every time you peep down your balcony, it is a traffic-laden road or a landscape littered with high rises that welcomes you. But what if this little balcony could channel the beauty of outdoors? What if you could fashion it to be a small haven that would soothe your soul, a place that you could escape to, within your home, to get away from the madness of daily life? How about a terrace garden, or a little nook with seating for two and large throws that cozy up the space? Definitely, yes! If busy schedules can keep you away from calm and resting areas, then bring one into your home.

Here is how you do it.

Go Green & Earthy

The latest is doing up your small balcony area with a lot of greens and seasonal plants for variety. You can drop the boring, plain white wall and do it up by adding the earthiness of a wooden pallet, and hanging your garden on the wall. Or, even use the space for setting up a terrestrial garden that overlooks the city.

You can carpet the balcony with a faux garden moss rug, which is available everywhere. Or better still, create what we Indians love – a permanent rangoli pattern on your floor to add that ethnic (yet styled) floor look.

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Cuddle Up Some More

We all love the comfort of our bedrooms and the living room sofas whose soft fabrics are so inviting and relaxing. Why not bring this comfort onto the balcony space?

Throw in some fluffy pillows on a comfortable, outdoor couch to have those cozy, warmed-up lazy mornings where you sip your tea while the newspaper sits unread on the little table next to you. Whoever said breakfast in bed was the only way to go probably hadn’t tried making a relaxing nest in their balcony yet.

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Usher In The Beach Side

Whoever said hammocks were for beaches only? Earlier, we used to see swings in the bigger balconies of suburban homes, but not everyone in a city apartment has the luxury of space to accommodate a bulky swing. So be creative and bring the beach side hammock to the balcony. Make sure you find a safe and a sturdy spot to hang it; not all balconies will be able to accommodate this, so use your judgement wisely. Pair your beach hammock with a few nautical elements and a suitable colour palette – some sea shells and other accessories placed strategically, some plant life, a wicker or a beach chair can complete the look.

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Or Just Keep It Simple

Well, a lot has been said about the cozy and the comfortable, but there is another way to bedazzle this space. Balconies needn’t necessarily have too much furniture. A simple bench for two and centre table can also suffice. You can play around with accessories as well. A bohemian runner, a shaggy rug, a few potted plants and a floor lamp or string of lights can sparkle the place up without you having to break a sweat. Irrespective of how big or small your balcony is, the key is to give it as much thought and attention as you would to the space inside your home. And, you can keep it as minimal or as elaborate as you want. Its the one part of the house that can look truly unique if you let it. LBB recommends: Freedom Tree, Pulpypapaya and Aya Nagar furniture market.

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