Mocemsa's Perfumes Are Now Exclusively Available At Perfume Couture In Select Citywalk Mall

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Hold your breath ladies and gentlemen as the globally renowned luxury perfumery brand, MOCEMSA makes its India debut. Housed in Barcelona, Spain, Mocemsa is not just a perfumery house but craftsmen bringing in fragrances which appeal to our senses!

    What's My Pro Tip?

    The perfume is currently available in twelve fragrances, six each for men and women. From feminine scents of fruits and flowers to more masculine ones in spicy notes, there is something for everyone to express their personalities. Our favourite got to be WATER LILY, a fresh fragrance perfect for daytime. We love the fact that the brand offers unique fragrances with rare blends at prices which are affordable. 2500 bucks for the standard range and 5000 for premium for a 100ml bottle made of Italian glassware is a steal! Isn't it?

    Anything Else?

    Run by a family of perfumers from India, Mocemsa is a perfect bridge between international offerings and Indian preferences. It is indigenous at heart but global in spirit! After all, it's high time that we possess our own luxury perfume brand at par with any other globally.