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Smoke On Water: Beer On Tap At Every Table & 16 Types Of Wings

Navni posted on 30 July


Smoke On Water {their cocktails will justify the name} is a sports bar in CP. The grungy space is filled with screens everywhere you look, a beer tap on every table and a menu heavy on chicken wings and burgers.

Chow Down

Peanut Butter Chicken Wings, Tenderloin Burger, Mushroom Duplex

Sip On

Jalapeño Iced Tea, Red Hot Chilli Peppa, Kaala Jaamun

Winning For

Providing each table with its own beer tap

Drink Like A Fish

Smoke On Water has a pretty cool cocktail menu. From sangrias in strawberry versions to jalapeño-infused LIITs, there’s something for every mood. We started with a Kaala Jaamun, which came in a desi pauwa placed inside a fish bowl, with smoke inside the bowl dancing to the beats of the death metal playing in the background.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppa was another winner; a large glass filled to the brim with vodka, OJ and a zesty punch of chilli {we feel like Paperboat can and should come up with a similar flavour}. It was spicy and refreshing at the same time. And we’re definitely bookmarking the Jalapeño Iced Tea for when we want a quick buzz without a sickeningly sweet lingering taste in our mouths for hours to come.

They’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with their cocktails and beers on tap {there’s Hoegaarden, Bira, Stella and Fosters to choose from}. Avoid the Apple Bourbon; it’s a little insipid compared to the rest.

Lord Of The Wings

What’s alcohol without munchies? Choose from Smoke On Water’s 16 varieties of chicken wings for the perfect pairings. Our favourite was the saucy and mildly-sweet Peanut Butter Wings. The parmesan garlic ones were pretty good too, but were on the dry side. Other options include Red Thai Curry, Mango, Lemon Chilli and Peri Peri. They’re all served with a portion of tartare, though we really feel they should add more dips to the whole situation.

Their burgers are huge, and if you’re good with tenderloin, please order it without any hesitation; the burger bun is soft and the meat well-done, with the accompanying pickles only adding to it. The Mushroom Duplex, giant fried mushrooms with a stuffing, had mixed reactions from our table, but we think they’re worth a try.

Overalls, We’re Saying…

We love that all the servers are wearing overalls here. Smoke On Water is a fun place to chill at for several rounds of drinks and starters. However, keep in mind that the music can get loud, so if you’re looking to make important conversation, this place may not be the best idea. Though if alcohol’s all you seek and if you want to catch a live screening of  a match, you’re bound to have a {head}bangin’ time here.

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Smoke On Water

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locationConnaught Place

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Smoke On Water

locationConnaught Place