These Sneaky Sneakers Will Turn You Into A Starboy At Every Club You Hit


The crazies from the men shoe world, Dmodot, are back with their sneaky sneaker collection and we love how unique they are! ClubMasters {as they are called} should definitely be on your feet, the next club you hit.

It’s Shoe Time Folks!

From the style to the name, they have it all sorted. If you’re looking for durability with comfort and style and something to show off, this collection can do the trick for you. They have Oro, Fredo Nero, Argento and Lustro {no, no we aren’t throwing random Spanish/Italian boy names at you} to add to their collection. These are what their new range of shoes are called!

We love the style and finish for Lustro and there is something very peculiar and rustic about Nero! Check them out for yourself here.

So We’re Saying…

A little high-end for our pocket but they’re definitely trend setters. Combine their shoes with some slick hipster outfits and maybe you get them ladies turning their heads {to check your shoes out obviously}. Wear them to match your comfort with your style.