Beyond Magnets & Keychains: Souvenirs For The Ultimate Collector

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Every time we travel, we make it a point to collect souvenirs – the magnets in various shapes of monuments or landscapes, or the keychains that embrace our love for our destination. But when there is so much more to every place you travel, why limit your experience in small predictable collectibles? And while you may think, physical memorabilia are all you can collect, JetPrivilege begs to differ. You can collect JPMiles and then there’s a mile-long list {pun intended} of things you can bring back. We are listing a few here.

Venetian Masks From Italy

Venice is a traveller’s delight. Vast stretches of clear water, interesting historical monuments, serenading during gondola rides – it’s definitely one for the travel bucket list. On your trip, have a gelato and shop in the brightly lit lanes of Piazza San Marco, and find yourself a beautiful, ornately designed Venetian mask that is both bold and distinct in style. The shopping square has been known as the ‘drawing room of Europe’, and it attracts great attention for its vibrant coloured masks and other knick-knacks.

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Tea Pots From China

We don’t know about you, but we love our tea almost as much as oxygen. And what’s good to know is that our neighbors love it just as much – and have a traditional Chinese way called Gong-Fu Cha to prepare tea, that places the most importance on selecting a good teapot. Whether you want tea served in glass, glazed or porcelain teapots – Beijing has the most distinctive designs and characteristic colours and shapes. Shop for one that is easy to hold, lightweight and high on quality, and with every brew, relive your trip once again.

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Beer Pewters From Germany

Sausages, automotive and love for beer – the Germans do it best. So the next time you’re having a house party, don’t bring out the predictable glass tumblers and instead start a conversation with beer pewters. Authentic beer steins come in all different styles – from antique looks to contemporary crystal and porcelain ones, shop for the ones that will add colour to your bar. With shapes that denote military, history, sports, nautical and heritage themes, this souvenir will spark a lively discussion for sure.

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Whiskey From Ireland

One of the most popular spirits in the world – the Irish whiskey is definitely one that speaks volumes about your bar. Smoother in finish than most Scottish whiskeys – with smoky notes and earthy tones, this is one purchase that goes beyond duty free shopping. Do an Irish jig, host your close friends and enjoy a bottle. From light and crisp to complex bold tastes, there’s one for every palate – even if you’re not a whiskey drinker. Want to make your trip more epic? Book a free Irish Whiskey Trail tour and learn from behind the scenes at a distillery.

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Ceramic Goods From Morocco

Morroco is known for its traditional craftwork – and the ceramic goods are excellent for home decor or useful as tableware. From vases, lamps, cutlery and more – indulge in beautiful designs, rich colours and nurture artistic heritage in the process.  Just like Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, start your own romance with the craft in Casablanca, with charming pottery and ornamental ceramics that will satisfy antique, contemporary and modern tastes. Bring back dinner parties with a bang, because no one will be able to resist staring at these wonderful unique pieces. Hire a Hertz cab to take you around the souks through, one of their rental partners, and increase your JPMiles meter by meter!

Intricate Lace Tablecloths From Belgium

If you love waffles and beer {who doesn’t?}, there’s no place in the world like Belgium. Look out for the lace cloths available in the region. Brussels primarily has lovely boutiques that houses lace makers, to whom the craft has been passed on from their families. Perfect for those who love a delicate and dainty material, the flowers stitched on the lace are made separately from the base design, adding depth to the needlework. With more machine based work in the main markets, support local artisans by purchasing handmade material to keep this rich embroidery alive. Use your Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand card for every transaction you make, and you will earn JPMiles for each swipe.

Copper Coffee Set From Turkey

A powerhouse of culture and history, Istanbul has stunning tapestry, but that might go above your baggage allowance, so look out for a traditional coffee set. You can pick your own pieces and design your own coffee set, or select a pre-made set – all with the custom gold rim, hand-painted detailing and an accompanying silver tray that signifies traits of good hospitality. Do check if the set is decorative or functional, as they differ in qualities and choose one based on your need.

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