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    This Brand Makes Clothes You Can Literally Not Spill Anything On!

    Tushar posted on 20 September


    Turms is a performance wear brand that’s doing stain-repellent and odour-free clothing, so if you tend to spill your drinks and then mourn your fallen clothing comrades often, count this as a blessing.

    Break That Spill Spree

    Turms uses a DWR (durable water repellent) coating on their garments, which makes liquids slip right off. They also use silver particles, which make the cloth resistant to odour—it’s basically a whole lot of technology (read: magic).

    Turms has got jeans and tees in colours like blue, black, grey and maroon, so if the whole idea is to dress up simple and basic, you might want to grab a couple of these magical pieces from their website. They've also added a range of polos, more tee designs, new colours, joggers, and gym leggings to their collection. 

    This will definitely end up in lesser laundry days, and while we don’t suggest you wear this out on Holi to make other people feel stupid, we do think this will make for a great anti-clumsy experience.

    What Could Be Better

    Their women's collection is quite limited right now with only a few products under the tees and fitness leggings section—we hope they add more soon.

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