Forget about strapping in your assets, a good sports bra can jazz up your workout gear, motivate you to do  more, and of course, help you look fabulous. And don’t worry if you think that the Nikes, Pumas and Adidas’ of the world are out of budget; we’ve come to the rescue with plenty of other options. From strappy to racer backs, here’s our pick of where to shop.


The Mecca of all things sporty, we love that they don’t kill you with high prices. Kalenji and Domyos rule the shelves here. They have all kinds of sports bras, be it sturdy racer backs with thick under-bust straps to the more cutesy crop top sorts that are ideal for yoga.

Where: Find your closest Decathalon here.

Price: INR 199 upwards

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h&m sports bras

Photo source: H&M

Who better than this high-street brand to blend functionality with fashion? They have a pretty vast collection, so if you’re a runner their firm fitting bras will suit you well without compromising on style {think pretty pinks and electric blues}, and if you’re looking for something to get you through aerobics, light jogging or yoga, pick the low-impact ones.

Where: Find your closest store here.

Price: INR 799 upwards

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Jockey India

jockey sports bras

Photo source: Jockey

OK, we admit it. We were originally sceptics with this brand, but when we actually tried it out, we turned fans in a single sprint session. Racer backs, power backs or padded, they’re giving you options in styles within this already limited sub-category. How’s that for choice? Keeping the colours girly but mixed with solids {along the lines of purple and black or pink and grey}, they even have ones with hooks, if you’re more comfortable with that.

Where: Find your nearest Jockey store here

Price: INR 199 upwards

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Forever 21

Oh how we love ourselves some sports wear from Forever 21. Girly, colourful and always on trend, they go all out. If yoga’s your jam, they have lovely criss-cross back bras that we’d urge you to show off. For the more strenuous sports, the medium impact bras cut down the strings but don’t do away with them, so you’re still on trend.

And for the all out runner or tennis star, these folks do a maximum support one in plenty of colours, so you don’t look drab. Pair them with the barely-there tanks and vests and you’re good to run the ramp!

Where: Find your nearest store here.

Price: INR 799 upwards

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triumph triaction active wear

Photo source: Triumph

TriAction by Triumph is an entire line dedicated to active/sports wear. Quite functional, and not particularly cheap, we’re fans of this brand only for the fit. Closest to actually working like a sports bra but not feeling like one, Triumph’s pretty colours also get a thumbs up from us. Their full cup bras from the T-shirt section work well for low-impact workouts, too.

Where: Find your closest Triumph store here.

Price: INR 1,200 upwards

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HRX by Hrithik Roshan @ Myntra

hrx by hritik roshan on myntra sports bra

Photo source: Myntra

Yes, this comes as a surprise to us too. With light padding and soft fabric, it actually makes workout sessions that much more comfortable. Also, contrary to what you might think, this range is quite reasonable.

Where: Shop online here.

Price: INR 659

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koovs sports bra

Photo source: Koovs

The plethora of sports bras at Koovs can spoil your for choice, but what we’re loving is the New Look collection. This one’s simple and it’s black, and can’t really go wrong.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 695

Find them on Facebook here.

Pretty Secrets

pretty secrets sports bra

Photo source: Pretty Secrets

The selection at Pretty Secrets is extremely fun and full of colours. Ditch the regular boring ones for this one in pop yellow. They also have a variation in padding, so whatever floats your boat.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 549

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Marks & Spencer

mark & spencers sports bras

Photo source: Ajio

High-impact, low-impact, extra-high-impact and even underwired; we’re inspired to get working out thanks to their selection! We particularly like their high-impact sports bra with a front zip. And it’s got mint straps. We love!

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 2,499

Find them on Facebook here.


zivame sports bras

Photo source: Zivame

There’s two brands, both in-house Zivame ones, called Coucou and Penny Movement, offering bursts of colour and cutesy straps. There’s a particular one in neon pink, with athletic back straps and we’re in love. If you love the candy floss colour, there’s a medium-impact sports bra with a racer back, and it’s all you need.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 795

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Feature photo: Jockey India