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Add Zeal To Your Meals With Spunky Crockery, Storage & Kitchen Accessories

    Shortcut is an award-winning kitchen and dining ware site of our dreams. Apart from the usual spoons and spatulas, there are funky chopping boards, wall clocks, cake stands and cool storage units to bring order {and drama} to meal times.

    Not Just Spoon Position

    If you have a house proud side that sometimes makes an unexpected appearance, you’ll understand that those cupcakes deserve better than being served in that no-nothing plate when your pals want to take photos. Here’s where these cake stands will come in handy. 

    Also, admit it: It’ll feel good to eat crunchy salad out of this bowl when you’re pretending to diet or fill this owl-shaped dish with nuts as you work the night away.

    What A Dish!

    You might not have a Mrs. Dalloway in you but no one likes coming home to a messy kitchen. So we’ll tell you that you need these nifty utensil organisers or achaar/jam/tea bag holders in your life if you don’t intend on staring at those overloaded shelves for the rest of the evening. 

    If you’re sorted in the organisation department, you can look at turning that dining table from functional to beautiful – let us point you to the table decor section.


    So, We're Saying...

    It’s equally welcoming towards both, novice home decorators and those looking to perk up their small pad. The products get shipped all over India and we absolutely adore the way they play with ceramics, wood and terracotta.