Abhishikta posted on 7th March

Simple, But Tasty: Head To These State Bhavans For Authentic Regional Food At Great Prices

For pocket-friendly, homely regional fare, state bhavans are the best bet. Extremely simplistic but super hearty, the meals here are true representatives of their respective state’s local food and hospitality. We’ve listed out some of our favourites for you.

Gujarat Bhawan

Be prepared for an experience of dining in a Gujarati home {which translates to “don’t go expecting a Rajdhani or Suruchi}. The Special Thali gives you unlimited portions of rice, Gujarati dal, kathod, two sabzis, chapatti/theplafarsaan of the day, khichri, dessert and chaas. The menu is not expansive, but for a simple wholesome meal served with love, Gujarat Bhavan has our vote.

Price: INR 400 for two

Timings: 8am – 10am, 12:30pm – 2:30pm, 7:30pm – 10pm

Nagaland House

Love pork? Make the trip! A tiny restaurant offering hardly any vegetarian options {rice, dal and plain boiled vegetables}, Nagaland House is frequented by locals for the pork ribs and their Smoked Pork with Bamboo Shoots. The unsung hero here, however, is their Dried Fish and Roast Tomato Chutney. Call in advance to ensure the restaurant is open, and pick up a paan before leaving.

 Price: INR 350 for two

Timings: 10am – 5pm

Karnataka Food Centre

While the state guest house is not open to public, this association for promoting Karnataka Cultural Heritage houses one of our favourite Sunday breakfast joints. This quintessential south Indian restaurant serves the best sambar, and limitless bowls of it! Try the Tiffin Thali for a taste of all their goodies and their Mysore Masala Dosa. Long queues over the weekends, but totally worth the wait!

 Price: INR 400 for two people

Timings: 8am – 11pm

Banga Bhavan

The canteen is run by popular caterer, Bijoli Grill {you’ve probably come across their outlet at Dilli Haat}. The Kosha Mangsho and Luchi {mutton curry and maida puris} are as good as it gets. Typical fish delicacies such as pabda, ilish and chittal are also available in a variety of options. Vegetarians must try the Aloo Posto and Aloo Dum. Needless to say, a Bengali meal is incomplete without the mishti doi.

 Price: INR 650 for two

Timings: 12pm – 10.30pm

Samridhi, Kerala House

Brown rice, sambar, cabbage thoren, beans sabzi, papadpickle and delicious rasam and buttermilk make up the vegetarian thali here. Order the beef chilli or fried mackerel to amp it up. They serve Malabar parottas for dinner, and appams for breakfast. Extremely pocket-friendly, homely, coconut-infused goodness, with, of course, unlimited sambar. Getting a table there during lunch hours is a bit tough so make sue you reach well before time.

 Price: INR 150 for two

Timings: 12.45pm – 3pm, 7pm – 9.30pm

Andhra Bhavan

Although they boast of some great non-vegetarian fare, we recommend ordering the vegetarian thali to get a taste of everything on offer. You can always order the prawn curry and the chicken fry separately for a meaty kick. Non-vegetarians are spoiled for choice on weekdays; their Mutton Curry and Chicken Fry is something you have to try. They have Hyderabadi biryani for weekend lunches {best for a hungover Sunday meal}. Make sure you’re there before 1.30 pm!

Price: INR 300 for two

Timings: 8am – 10.30am, 12pm – 3pm, 7.30pm – 10pm

Tamil Nadu House Canteen

Apart from the regular dosa, idli and vada, Tamil Nadu House has some great finds, the Chicken Chettinad Biryani topping our list. They also have a bunch of Chinese dishes like chilli chicken, manchurian and fried rice. To sample a little of everything, opt for the south Indian thali {sambar, rasam, rice, Kara Kalambu, curd, chapatti etc}.

 Price: INR 600 for two

Timings: 7am – 11am, 12.30pm – 3.30pm, 7pm – 10-pm

Viva O Viva, Goa Niwas

This is an awesome weekend spot to visit, if you want to break everyday monotony {we love their interiors}. Viva O Viva at the Goa Niwas serves some excellent butter garlic prawns and some tangy delicious pork vindaloo. If you’re not a pork freak they have crab soup and chicken Xacuti you can try. Definitely mop up that meal with their chocolate pudding.

Price: INR 1,000 for two

Timings: 12.30pm – 3.30pm, 7.30pm – 10.30pm

The Pot Belly Cafe, Bihar Niwas

After success at Shahpur Jat for one of the best fusion Bihari cuisines, Potbelly has made its mark at Bihar Niwas too. The decor is minimal but tasteful but the food is what keeps us coming back for more. For starters, their thirst quenchers aam panna and masala lemonade are quite refreshing.Their chicken pakoras and fish choka with marua puri {with two different chutneys} are a must try but what steals the show everytime we go there is their litti choka and the khada masala chicken.

Price: INR 1,000 for two

Timings: 12pm – 11pm

Jammu & Kashmir House

Jammu & Kashmir House doesn’t have a fixed menu. They write their dishes for the day on a small little blackboard and you just have to order one of those. They have rogan josh once a week and if you’re lucky you can experience the soft tender mutton melt in your mouth. In short, it’s the best place for a Kashmiri wazwan on any given day, even though they lack variety on most days.

Price: INR 500 for two

Timings: 12.30pm – 2pm, 7.30pm – 9pm

Maharashtra Sadan

Maharashtra Sadan is value for money. The prices are pocket-friendly and the variety and quantity quite extensive. Apart from the different thali’s they serve {Parsi, Kandeshi, Marathawada etc.} you must order their chiken kohlapuri and fish malwani. Their puran poli is the best you’ll ever taste {as good as home-made}. Don’t leave the table without ordering the shrikhand.

Price: INR 300 for two

Timings: 7am – 10pm

Meghalaya House

Meghalaya House should be known as the Khasi House, as it has some of the best Khasi dishes you will ever taste. Don’t leave without trying their Khasi style pork or their Khasi pulao. They have Chinese on their menu too, in case you want to mix and match.

Price: INR 350 for two

Timings: 6am – 12am