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    StayUncle Lets You Book Rooms With No Hassles And No Judgement

    Urvee posted on 28 June


    Hotels with a difference: StayUncle helps young couples book rooms with ease, and with no judgement whatsoever.

    Best Uncle Ever

    If you and your SO happen to be locals in a city, and you happen to be unmarried, and you happen to need a hotel room, well too bad for you. But all that’s about to change.

    Gone are the days when two {consenting, might we add} adults needed to beg favours from friends or skulk around in cars. Enter StayUncle, a Delhi-based start-up that has collaborated with various hotels across the country {Delhi & Gurgaon too} that will allow couples to book rooms for up to 10 hours and even for multiple days. Judgement-free, too.

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    Check in and check out timings are either 10AM – 7pm or 9pm – 8am and the rooms are priced starting at INR 1,267. Sanchit Sethi, 26-year-old founder, told Quartz in a phone interview, “There is no law in India that prohibits {unmarried} couples from renting a room. As long as you have a government identity card, you should be given a room. We don’t live in the 1950s anymore. What we are trying to do is change the mindset of hoteliers.” 

    So, We're Saying...

    All the privacy-starved lovers of this country, check out the StayUncle website here. It’s safe, hassle-free and we’re pretty sure that getting a room with no questions asked was never this easy.

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