Stock Up On Flavoured Cashews By The Nut Makers For Your WFH Snack Time


    Being cooped up at home working or attending online classes all day can be tiring. One thing that’s common is us getting hungry or wanting to snack throughout the day. We don’t know about you but we sure faced the constant dilemma of satisfying our taste buds and maintaining our diet until we stumbled upon The Nut Makers, a homegrown brand known for premium quality cashews. (Psst. they are available on Shop On LBB!)

    Cashews are a great source of nutrients and proteins, while also having heart-healthy fats. They have a delectable range of 8 flavours which includes some classics and 2 of their signature flavors.

    Plain and Simple

    These good ‘ol plain cashews are classic & always work best as a healthy snack to munch on while working from home. You can pair it with your coffee, tea (or simply munch on them in between those zoom calls) and give it to your kids as an after-class snack too!

    Flaming Chilli Garlic

    Fan of all things spicy and hot? We bet you will love their Flaming Chilli Garlic flavour. These cashews are roasted in hot spicy chilli with a layer of garlic on it to give you that perfect burst of taste. Well, no doubt that these are their bestsellers!

    Honey Dipped

    They have an option for those of you with sweet tooths, too! They first dry roast their hand-picked cashews for that perfect crunch and then dip them in natural honey with a sprinkle of sugar. Yum yum! We’d totally opt for this healthier variant when we’re craving something sweet after a meal! 

    Chilli Cheese

    This variant is one of their signature flavours that will give your palette an unforgettable experience. These are dry roasted cashews mixed with a flavour of cheese & topped with a hint of chilli. You can easily serve these munchies for your chilled-beer-weekend-nights plan. Well, we definitely vote for these!

    Sweet Chilli Barbeque

    Craving the barbeque flavors but don’t want to go the lengths? Open a packet of these sweet chilli barbeque cashews. They are expertly roasted in a special sweet chilli barbeque seasoning. They are an easy and healthy choice to satiate those midnight cravings.

    Pro Tip

    The Nut Makers

    Available on LBB

    The cashews are not only the best option for all age groups but their Plain and Simple, Roasted and Salted, Purely Pepper, Flaming Chilli Garlic, and Sweet Chilli Barbeque flavored nuts are also keto and vegan-friendly.