Stop Takeout In 2018: Here Are 5 Ways To Make Cooking At Home Super-Easy

Rene posted on 11 January

Accept it. Takeaways are easy. We’re all guilty of picking up a burger on our way back, or ordering a pizza when that baigan ka bharta has languished in the fridge. This is almost always accompanied by guilt and intermittent diet plans. How about we make 2018 different and think more long-term?

We’ve zeroed in on ways that’ll not make you put off cooking because it’s too tedious. Whether it’s a smart gadget that speeds up the chopping process by a few minutes, or home-delivered ingredient boxes to recreate recipes, they’ll help you whip up fun dishes in a jiffy, and resist ordering in every second day.

Pre-Measured Ingredients At Your Doorstep

Into baking on the weekends? Bake Me home delivers kits complete with batter, sprinkles, flour, sugar and other ingredients in exact measures so it’s idiot-proof cooking, even for a toddler. With the help of these subscription service, you’ll be able to make everything from chocolate cupcakes to vanilla shortbread and they start from INR 599.

Not into desserts?  Take Home Chef delivers meal kits with pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards to help you put together a fuss-free meal, even if you’re a kitchen noob. You can pick from the weekly plan that starts from INR 800 and perfect for two.

Organic Fruits & Veggies' Home Delivery

Sometimes, the only thing stopping you from eating healthy and eating well is an empty fridge. To make sure this never happens, you can either make a weekly trip to this farmers’ market {or this for more offbeat stuff} and stock up or opt for organic subzis and fruits to be sent over to your house with Farmer Uncle {they’ve got seasonal jams and chutneys too!} or this farm in Noida that sends supplies.

Time-Saving Gadgets

You’ll know a good gadget when you see one. These picks are definitely going to come in handy if you, like us, hate going back to the chopping board. Or, if you love breakfast juices but find the process of squeezing the fruits too messy. And, if you also want them to look good and not cost a bomb, here’s a recommendation.

Graduated from the basics? Congrats! Now, follow this chef’s suggestions on the city’s best places for cooking supplies next.

Cooking Classes To Up Your Game

This may sound like too much effort but if you’re away from home, it pays to have some cooking tricks up your sleeve. For all the time your YouTube fails, you won’t be left starving if you’ve spent some time at the city’s best cooking classes. You can try Tastesutra for everything from tea-time snacks to proper meals or Caara,whose sole focus is on healthy eats.

P.S. Here’s a comprehensive list of classes to master whatever cuisine you’re interested in.

Pre-Marinated Meats

Every hardcore carnivore will agree that the magic of a meaty dish is in the marinade, and if you don’t like getting your hands dirty in haldi and garlic, order pre-marinated meats from these places. Begin with our list of trusted meat deliverers like Lion Fresh, Zappfresh and Artisan Meats.