Take to the Streets | Delhi Street Food Guide II

Abhishikta posted on 22 April

By Abhishikta Mallick

Bustling markets with aromas of spices wafting from numerous little street food stalls is a way of life in Delhi. Everyone, from my ex-army grandpa and my hygiene obsessed medico mom, to my brand conscious little brother, puts inhibitions aside and enjoys their fill from these little stalls, now characteristic of Delhi.

Get acquainted with your city Dilliwalas; take to the streets! Pick from our favorites in part deux of our attempt to share with you accessible and delicious street food options in the city.

Chandni Chowk | Daulat ki Chaat 

A magical soufflé-like dessert available only in the winter months, it is one of the gems that makes Chandni Chowk so special. This sweetened foam of cold churned milk is left to set in the morning dew, and then served with ‘karara’. Try any of the hawkers scattered across the area in this season.

Aslam Chicken Corner, Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid | Butter Cream Chicken 

A mecca for chicken lovers in the city, Aslam Chicken Corner's grilled butter chicken is truly unique. Slightly overdone on the sigri with a delightful smoky char, the chicken is then tossed in a concoction of butter, cream and some spices.

New Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji, Model Town | Pav Bhaji 

Possibly the closest to the Bambaiya bhaji, the store's proximity to North Campus makes it a college students’ hub. Spicy and buttery, the pav bhaji is worth every extra minute on the treadmill! Also popular are the pulao rice and vada pao.

Mahesh Chaat Corner, GK1, M Block | Palak Patta Chaat 

It’s a struggle to make your way through the perpetual crowd outside this shop, but tolerate the pushing and shoving, because what awaits is a delightfully fresh {and hygienic} dish that tantalizes the tastebuds.

Pappu Chaat, KG Marg | Aloo Chaat and Fruit Chaat 

Popular among office goers in the area for a refreshing break from the daily drudgery, these items double up as ideal ‘vrath food’ as well!

Sanjay Chur Chur Naan, Moolchand | Chur Chur Naan 

I fondly remember saving a week’s pocket money when I was in school for a chur chur naan meal. Crisp paneer stuffed naans served with daal / chole and a glass of buttermilk - spring indulgence doesn’t get better than this!

Chicken Changezi, Daryaganj | Changezi Chicken 

Cooked on one of the biggest tawas I’ve ever seen, the chicken remains on a low flame for many hours. Once rendered soft and succulent, the meat is  served in a spicy red gravy. Hard to get enough of!

Roshan di Kulfi, Karol Bagh Kulfi 

This small eatery in the heart of the city has attained cult status just for their kulfi-falooda. India’s answer to the ice cream is the Dilliwala’s favourite sugar fix.

Wenger’s, Connaught Place | Shammi kebabs 

Wenger’s, which started pre-independence as a Swiss confectionery, is a city landmark today, serving the most spectacular melt-in-the-mouth shammi kebabs. Adding their own spin to this classic with a layer of onions and chillies, this is one item you need to get your hands on before they run out of stock, and they run out on a daily basis!

Shankar Market, CP Outer Circle | Rajma Chawal 

Known for its textiles and the rajma chawal, Shankar Market sees massive crowds at lunch time for this North Indian staple. Affordable and filling, this is comfort food at its best, to get you through a rough day at work. Push your way through the throng; this little stall is busy for a reason!

Aap ki Khaatir, SDA | Kakori kebab rolls 

An eat-in-your-car / takeaway joint; they used to be in Khan Market. The mutton kakori kebabs have to be tasted to be believed!

Laxman Dhaba, Opposite IIFT, Qutub Institutional Area | Paneer and Chicken parathas 

The best parathas are found in dhabas, and the honest mark of a good dhaba is the number of students frequenting it. With possibly the best paneer parathas in the city, and a mean chicken variant as well, Laxman Dhaba is rumoured to be one of Ranbir Kapoor’s favorites!

Rahul Egg Corner, Keshavpuram Metro Station, Ashok Vihar | Eggs 

Known to be able to make 225 kinds of omelettes {no kidding!}, the owner himself recommends the Star Monaco and Special Tandoori Jalandhari. A visit here will change your perception of an omelette!

Hunger Strike, Amar Colony | Tandoori momos 

QD’s is now passé, with newer and tastier alternatives to the tandoori momo. Putting a charred twist on the ordinary momo, with a whole alternative look and taste, Hunger Strike also serves  a creamy dip with this dish, which takes the taste up a fair few notches!

In front of Hindu College, North Campus | Banta 

Delhi’s quintessential street drink. Nothing screams ‘spring is here’ like the fizz from pushing the marble down a Banta bottle. While Chandni Chowk {Ved Prakash Lemon Wale} claims credit  for this refreshing drink, I am partial to the stall outside Hindu College for its perfect concoction of lemon, ice and masala.

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Illustration by Anant Ahuja