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Successfully Escape City Life at Zehen

Urvee posted on 8th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

Adjoining Indian Accent, Zehen is a spa retreat that offers personalised Ayurvedic treatments, fabulous massages, one-hour long facials and spa cuisine curated by chef Manish Mehrotra.

Sweet Escape

Because Zehen is located at The Manor, and is tucked away from the main road, once you step inside, it isn’t hard to believe that you’re not in Delhi. Done up tastefully, yet eclectic—bright cushion covers add a lot of pop and kitsch to the otherwise modern, staid decor—there’s enough to keep your mind occupied while you sip on mint water {or watermelon juice, like we had}.

Getting Started

You’ll be handed a form, asking for details like your name, whether you have any allergies, how strong or light you want your massage to be, and best of all, which areas you’d like your massage therapist to concentrate on. {Shoulders and feet, duh}. We opted for a one-hour Signature International Massage and a 60-minute facial. Bliss.

Once you change into your soft, fluffy robe and slippers, make your way to the massage room, crossing the Bemer room, the pool {they have Watsu, and you can even swim against the tide!} and make your way to the massage room. We must mention here that the staff is uber courteous, and seem to know what  you want before you can ask for it.

Massage Matters

Post the highly-relaxing massage {we’re pretty sure we nodded off for a minute or five there}, we went in for a 20-minute steam and shower, before scrambling back on to the massage bed, ready for the facial. This was heaven; our therapist was super gentle and not once did we have to ask her to take the pressure down. We really were very sorry when it ended.


At least it ended with the promise of lunch to look forward to! Although they have a plethora of options {all healthy, some vegan, and most delicious}, like Thai Green Curry, and a thali, we opted for a Thai Pomello Salad with Walnuts and Roast Chicken, and we were not disappointed. Honestly, you could put a gourmet three-patty-high lamb burger in front of us, and we’d still pick that salad.

Look See

We do suggest you look around the place once. There’s a gym, a Warren Trichomi salon, rooms {they even have 10 day packages!}, a rooftop garden where they grown their own herbs {so you know that aloe vera on your face is completely natural}, and Ayurvedic massage rooms. You never know what may catch your fancy—we know we’re definitely going back there to swim against the tide!


 They do offer packages and offers, so it may be better to always check with them beforehand. 

Price: INR 4,200 onwards {for the Ayurvedic massage}; INR 3,700 onwards {international massage}; INR 4,500 {facial}

Timings: 7am – 9pm

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