5 Suicide Prevention Helplines In India You Need To Know About

Believe it or not, India is battling a high suicide rate. Unfortunately, it’s mostly said that people who are fearful or cowardly tend to choose the ‘easy’ way out. Let us tell you, this way isn’t easy. So when your near and dear ones seem to be giving up, don’t judge them; they’ve probably tried very hard and are now struggling to keep up.

They’re also silently seeking help. So if you know anyone around you (or you for that matter) who is going through a stressful time and has suicidal tendencies, get help by calling these five awesome organisations who help others in distress.


Someone is always there to listen at this Hyderabad-based suicide intervention centre. The volunteers here are given intensive training so that they can help you deal with any emotional breakdowns. They are available from Monday to Saturday between 11am to 9pm.


Since 2013, this helpline has been aiding people to cope with all kinds of distress and are trained to recognise the warning signs. The helpline is operational between 1pm to 7pm from Monday to Friday.

Sneha India Foundation

They’re a 24X7 helpline that offers unconditional emotional support to the depressed, desperate and suicidal. They’ll make sure you do not have to feel alone, no matter what your situation is. You can even write to them anonymously at help@snehaindia.org.

Vandrevala Foundation For Mental Health

They have trained counsellors professionally helping you out in times of distress or suicidal thoughts. They work round the clock, and you can reach them easily though their toll-free numbers, or even e-mail them.


Connecting… is a suicide prevention NGO for the youth. It aides young people through it’s programmes, seminars and of course the helpline itself. They are operational from 12pm – 8pm all days and they also have support for people who have lost close ones to suicide. You can also reach out to them at distressmailsconnecting@gmail.com.


We thought we should let you know there is strict anonymity between the caller and the listener, so everything is kept quite confidential when a call is made to any of the helplines above. Also, these centres may be spread across the country, but you can contact them from anywhere at all.