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Heading For The Sula Fest? Book These Picturesque Airbnbs

Shlagha posted on 30th January

As SulaFest approaches, do not fear, we’ve got you covered. Just a little way away from the Sula vineyards, here are some of the best places in Nashik to stay while attending the wine fest.

Pai Farm

This one’s the closest of the lot to the venue. So if you’re the kind who just can’t wait, pop in to say hi to the Pais. With a view of the reservoir, perfectly manicured gardens, and a swing in the garden for that perfect sunset, the Pai’s farm has hit all our weak spots. Their villas have three bedrooms and can accommodate up to six adults.

PS: It’s five minutes away from the York Winery, just saying.

Price: INR 13,800 per night

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Salasa Farm

Skylights, indoor gardening, and a reading room with stocked bookshelves, the interiors of this one are absolutely spot on. Plus, couches seem comfy enough to sink into after a long wine-y day.

Although it is further away than the rest from the venue, seems to us like it’s going to be worth it. With common areas and rooms that are slightly larger than the rest, Salasa can accommodate eight adults with no extra charges for additional people. More the merrier!

Price: INR 18,650 per night

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Pamodzi Farm House

Just a little off the mian road, Pamodzi is a home away from home. With leather recliners in the living room and camping chairs out in the veranda, comfort is the least of your worries. In case you feel like a taking a break from the festival and staying in for a change, there’s an iPod with music, speakers to blare them on, books to read, and board games to play.

Price: INR 4,160 per night

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Grape County Eco Resort: Superior Sky Villas

The most luxurious and hotel–like of the lot, Grape County is an eco-resort that also rents out private rooms. And they are gorgeous. Grape County assures all modern amenities, breathtaking views, and a beautiful resort for those sunset walks. The Sky Villas go for the rustic yet elegant, royal décor, so if you want to sip wine at the end of the day like the true royal you are, you know where to make your bookings.

Price: INR 7,770 per night

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Photos courtesy: Airbnb